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Undercarpet Heating

Warmtech’s undercarpet heaters use heating mats strategically placed wherever required. Positioned between the carpet and underlay, the heating mats are available in a range of shapes and sizes designed to fit most rooms. There’s no maintenance required, and no annual checkups are needed. With efficient zoning and a programmable thermostat, it’s easy to regulate your home’s temperature while saving energy and money.

Warmtech’s wafer thin undercarpet heating element (foil mat) fits between the carpet and the underlay. Used worldwide including in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia, the undercarpet comes in a number of shapes and sizes designed to fit virtually every room. If it wasn’t for the lovely warm feeling in the room, you would never know it had been fitted!

  • Foil matting rolled to size (sizes are set)
  • Width of mat is 500mm
  • Full installation instructions


Brief Installation Process

The foil provided is simply laid between the carpet and underlay and you’re ready to go. Best operated with an analogue timer or digital thermostat which can be purchased separately in the Quick Buy section of this website.

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Warmtech have an extensive range of Underfloor Heating options which will help transform your home!