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Simple and stylish, Warmtech’s new dual touch screen thermostat adopts the most advanced microcomputer control chip for precise control of air and floor temperature.

All Warmtech heating kits include our Analogue MTC-1991 timer with every box, however should you wish to upgrade to something more digital please select from 4 of our stunning timers above.  The new Dual Touch thermostats are not only digital but have both a thermostat and timer control for your floor and be run simultaneously with a heated towel rail in the same room. The Dual touch are available with either a black or white frame option. Our TSP colour touch thermostats are also digital offering both a Thermostat & timer control, with an added option to upgrade to a Wi-Fi option. The TSP is not a dual controller and is only designed to operate your floor heating.


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Warmtech have an extensive range of Underfloor Heating options which will help transform your home!