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Underfloor Heating

This system is best suited for General floor applications, for example; Kitchens, Dining, Living, Alfresco etc… Where you lay the heating element (cable) and also the thin levelling compound that comes with the kit. Undertile heating means no ugly hardware. The look, feel and atmosphere of the whole room is enhanced. Undertile heating has several hidden benefits. No more dampness, wheezing heat pumps, draughts and condensation. It’s no wonder Warmtech’s radiant heating is recommended by health professionals as a treatment for asthma sufferers. It also reduces the site of mould in your wet areas as the space remains constantly dry and warm when turned on.

Warmtech undertile floor heating system’s are the perfect solution for your general floor areas, such as Living, Dining, Rumpus, Alfresco etc.. We provide a 2.5mm thick electrical element with a bag of Davco Ultrabond part A & B, which are mixed together to form a paste like consistency. This is then applied like a thin levelling compound over the element to cover the wire. This is then left to cure for 24 hours before the tiler can tile over the top.

  • Pre-configured element on a reel (size as purchased)
  • Analogue thermostat MTC-1991-WU
  • Adhesive spray
  • Adhesive tape
  • Element alarm tester (with batteries)
  • Full installation instructions
  • Davco Ultrabond part A & B (quantity dependent on size of kit purchased)


Brief Installation Process

After the heating element is adhered to the sub floor a self levelling screed is then applied. This levelling compound is laid over the electrical element so there is a medium between the heating element & the flooring.  In 99% of situations, the levelling compound in applied which can vary between 5-10mm.

It is extremely important to install the floor sensor in the heated area as the thermostat needs to be set to measure and regulate the floor temperature. The maximum heat as specified by the manufacturer is normally 27 degrees celsius. The thermostat will not regulate and adjust from the floor element itself to your specified programmed temperature if the floor sensor is not installed in the heated floor area. Please call us if this is not done, as we can help you switch the thermostat over to an air sensor instead.

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